The Art of Historic Preservation

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Historic Documentation of the Carmel Mission

San Carlos Borromeo' de Carmelo Mission is the second of 21 Missions established by the Spanish crown beginning in 1769. It was the headquarters of the upper Las Californias Province Missions headed by Father Junipero Serra until his death in 1784. It was designated a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service in 1966. Today, Carmel Mission still serves as an active parish church for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Monterey. 
Those of you who are familiar with the Bay Area are probably wondering what the Carmel Mission has to do with Silicon Valley and why is it included in this blog? Carmel is 90 minutes South of the Silicon Valley. 
FARO Laser Tracker
There is an interesting connection between the projects being implemented at Carmel Mission and our collaborative endeavor with History San Jose. Beginning this week, Blach Construction in collaboration with FARO, will begin laser scanning Carmel Mission in preparation for a seismic retrofit of the facility. Gino Cecchetto, Manager of BIM Services for Blach Construction,  is leading the documentation efforts at the historic site. According to Gino, Blach Construction has some "ambitious" plans for the data collected from the laser scanning of the Mission. Beginning this Friday, videographers will document the laser scanning/reality capture process at the mission. 

Gate at Carmel Mission
So, what is the connection between the documentation of Carmel Mission and Capturing History San Jose? Blach Construction has been instrumental in establishing the BIM/VDC programs at Evergreen Valley College. Gino Cecchetto has a prominent position on Evergreen Valley College's BIM/VDC advisory board and is recognized as one of the Silicon Valley's most influential and knowledgeable BIM professionals. Blach Construction's interest in and knowledge of  BIM, VDC and historic preservation  promises to pay major dividends during the documentation of the San Jose History Park. 

As a long time resident of the Bay Area, I have had the opportunity to visit many of the Missions in the vicinity of San Jose. The Bay Area Missions were all built within a 21 year time frame and therefore are similar in construction and materials. However, each Mission has it's own unique character. In addition to being the centers for religion and worship, the Missions served multiple purposes. California's Missions were the center of local government, they served as forward post for exploration of new territories,  they were farming and agricultural centers, ranches, hospitals, hotels, schools, manufacturers of a variety of goods and products and the centers for the largest communities in the state.

The Bay Area is home to several Spanish Missions:
Mission Carmel- Monterey, CA, est. 1771
Mission Carmel, circa. 1880
Mission San Juan Bautista- San Juan Bautista, CA., est. 1797
Mission San Jose- Fremont, CA., est. 1797
Mission San Francisco de Asis (aka. Mission Delores)- San Francisco, CA., est. 1776
Mission Santa Clara de Asis- Santa Clara, CA. est. 1777
Mission Santa Cruz- Santa Cruz, CA. est. 1791

Faro Laser Scanner

I am looking forward to the results of the collaborative efforts of Blach Construction and FARO. Stay tuned for updates on the project.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

GSA's Office of the Chief Architect

Laser Scan of Pasetta House
by Ken Hanna, NVentum, LLC.
...From the United States General Services Administration, Office of the Chief Architect

GSA's Office of the Chief Architect (OCA) is currently encouraging, documenting, and evaluating 3D laser scanning technologies on a project-by-project need basis. 3D laser scanning has become a prominent vehicle for acquiring building spatial data in three dimensions with high fidelity and low processing time.
The rapid collection of 3D information serves several purposes across GSA business lines, including:
  • Historical documentation
  • Facility condition documentation
  • Construction as-built  development
  • BIM development

Using funding awarded by the Public Buildings Services Office of the Chief Information Officer's Venture Capital program, OCA is partnering with other agencies and organizations, such as NIBS, NIST, ASTM, FIATECH, and SPAR Point to develop best practices and standards for 3D laser scanning.   OCA is currently conducting pilot projects in Brooklyn, New York; Atlanta, Georgia; and Miami, Florida and will be including laser scanning best practices in Series 03 of the BIM Guide Series.

GSA Contact:
Matta, CharlesDirector, Federal Bldgs & Modernizations
1800 F Street NW Suite 3300
Washington DC 20405-0001Phone:            (202) 219-2355      
Photo Courtesy of History San Jose