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Monday, May 16, 2016

The San Jose Woman's Club

Documenting the Historic
       San Jose Woman's Club
San Jose Landmark #32

75 South 11th Street

A formal organization since 1894, the San Jose Woman's Club has a rich and interesting history.
This fall, young ladies from Notre Dame High School's engineering club will laser scan the historic  building in anticipation of the club's planned retrofit.

In addition to documenting the property for preservation purposes, the data will be used to assist the architects and contractors during the both the planning and construction phase of the retrofit, process. The significance of having the pre-engineering work on the building completed by these young ladies is what makes this project noteworthy. Introducing the next generation of designers and engineers to this technology, while studying one of the oldest women's organizations in the Bay Area is a truly unique opportunity.

The beautiful Spanish Revival Building on South Eleventh Street was completed in 1929. Currently, the building is still used as the clubhouse for the SJ Woman's Club however the building is a favorite
rental location for weddings and special events.

Under professional supervision, the documentation process will begin with a formal research on the structure, including blueprint review and visual inspections.
The students will develop a logistical plan and scan plot for the building and property based upon the client's requirements.
The scanning process is scheduled and the documentation completed, the data is processed into a 3D point cloud.
The point cloud will be developed into a fly-through model for the Woman's Club webpage.
The raw point cloud will be given to the SJ Woman's Club's architect for use as a 3D blueprint. The point cloud can be imported into AutoCAD or Revit software for planning, design or engineering.

The project is expected to take place over the course of a semester. However, the actual scanning and processing will take little more than a week total. The extended schedule is necessary to accomodate the demands of the students normal academic requirements and engineering/robotics club responsibilities.

Look for a follow-up blog post, a fly-through video and white paper by the students around December
of 2016.

For more on the history of the San Jose Woman's Club, visit them online at

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